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  • Things to consider when choosing wedding music
  • Friday, March 5, 2010
  • Firstly, try to go and see the band playing live before you book. If this is not an option, find some youtube videos of them playing at a live concert. Sometimes, listening to audio clips of your chosen artist can be misleading, its amazing what a top quality recording studio can acheive! Secondly, use a reputable agency when choosing your musicians. An agency offers a little more security than dealing with the act directly.

    Here are some other things to ponder before deciding upon a band for your special day. Will the band require a dressing room? If they are using costumes then the musicians will definatly require somewhere to get changed. Check with your venue that there is somewhere suitable, if the venue is a hotel ask them to provide a room for a couple of hours. Try to get them to decide on a set list before your event, you will want to know exactly what the band will play to make sure that it is suitable for your guests.

    Choosing your wedding reception music can be a difficult job. We would suggest using a reputable agency who are experienced in providing live musicians and bands for weddings. Find a band on their books that you like and contect them for more information. We would suggest Wedding Reception Music page from a reputable online music agency.
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