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  • Popular Wedding Songs in 2014
  • Saturday, July 12, 2014
  • Like fashion, music tastes change with time. To help you keep up-to-date we have compiled a list of our top 5 songs for weddings in 2014. We've used our website statistics to choose the songs so don't blame us if you don't like them :-)

    Popular Songs 2014

    1. Umbrella - Rihanna
    At first it seems a strange choice for a wedding, Rihanna doesn't have the most wholesome reputation after all. But when you think a little bit more about the lyrics it is fairly romantic in a hip hop sort of way! Anyway, it's one of the most popular songs doing the rounds in 2014.

    Listen to Umbrella by Rihanna

    2. Love Game - Lady Gaga
    Again, Lady Gaga isn't the first name that you would think of for a wedding song. But at the end of the day it does have love in the title and never fails to get the dance floor rocking. A bit of dramatic flair never goes amiss either!

    Listen to Love Game by Lady Gaga

    3. Crazy in Love - Beyonce
    This classic chart tune is sure to get your drunken relatives up out of their seats. Filling the dance floor can be a challenge at your average party but the right choice of music can really make a huge difference.

    Listen to Crazy in Love by Lady Beyonce

    4. This Love - Maroon 5
    This has to be one of the catchiest pop songs written in the last 20 years. Everyone will know the words and everyone will sing along (in the chorus anyway!). Hands in the air everyone!

    Listen to This Love by Maroon 5

    5. Angels - Robbie Williams
    It does seem a rather somber choice but I can't really think of a more universally liked song than this and what more can you ask for at a wedding reception?

    Listen to Angels by Robbie Williams
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